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Underground Water Detector - Fresh result 2 systems Plus

The best and latest groundwater detectors:

Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus Device

$ 6,250

FRESH RESULT 2 systems device New Version
Dual Systems Water Detector
Modern technology for detection of underground water
One device works with two different search systems
1-geophysical search system
2-long range search system
High-accurate techniques and discrimination
High resolution colored screen with size 4,3 inch shows full search data
The Device depth up to 1200 meters under the ground and front range of 2,000 meters,
with the possibility of high accurate to determine the water type whether (fresh - salty - normal)
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Farm Life Device

$ 4,200

FARM LIFE device
Underground Water Detector
groundwater exploration using geophysical methods
By geophysical system to look for the ground water and artesian wells
FARM LIFE device with geological scanning system
Very accurate in giving the data for the depth of underground water, water density and the type of water whether (fresh - salty - natural)
Up to a depth of 850 meters underground with the possibility to identifying the depth by meter and centimete
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River-F Plus Device

$ 3,500

RIVER-F Plus device New Version
Long Range Water Finder
RIVER - F Plus The first device in the world Detect underground water with Touch screen With the ability to determine the type of the water And the depth of the water Depth up to 1200 m Front Range of 3000 m square The device works in six different languages: (German - English - French - Italian – Spanish, and Arabic)
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Fresh Result Device

$ 2,500

FRESH RESULT 1 system device
Long Range Water Detector
Long Range Water Detector
Long range system to detect underground water and artesian wells.
Ease of use, accuracy of performance, lightness in weight
The front range of the device is 2,000 meters square and depth is 1200 meters.
The device works in four languages: German - English - French - Arabic.
German industry.
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